An Iowa police officer is facing a series of charges after leading the Iowa State Patrol on a high-speed chase.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by We Are Iowa, an Iowa State Patrol officer saw Ames police officer Jason Eaton driving 126 miles-per-hour on Highway 30 in Nevada on Monday night. The highway has a 65-mile-per-hour speed limit in that area. Eaton was reportedly traveling west in the eastbound lanes of the highway at the time.

A chase ensued, with We Are Iowa reporting Eaton "allegedly zig-zagged through different roadways such as Interstate 35. Eaton was clocked going 131 miles per hour, nearly double the 70 miles per hour speed limit, the complaint notes."

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The report from the arresting trooper with the Iowa State Patrol said the trooper smelled alcohol and that Eaton admitted to drinking one to two beers. The trooper also observed multiple open alcoholic beverage containers in the passenger area in the front of the vehicle, along with multiple alcoholic beverages that were unopened.

Eaton refused to take tests for sobriety and was charged with eluding The complaint says Eaton refused numerous sobriety tests. He is charged with Operating While Under the Influence (first offense) and Eluding Law Enforcement.

James Eaton has been put on paid administrative leave by the Ames Police Department. His preliminary hearing is set for Friday, April 9.

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