TikTok challenges are making the news a lot these days but many of them can cause a great deal of significant damage or injury...if not death.

Be careful if you own a Kia or Hyundai in Iowa, and tell your incoming friends and relatives over the holiday to do the same. The Cedar Rapids Police Department is urging citizens that Kia and Hyundai models from 2010-2021 are becoming ripe for theft in the Cedar Rapids area due to a new social media challenge called "The Kia Challenge". Last summer it was highly prevalent in other parts of the midwest, and now it's arrived in Iowa.

According to the website "Auto Body News", "the "Kia Challenge" shows social media users how to steal certain Kia and Hyundai models by simply removing the plastic cowl under the steering column and using a USB cable."

On their Facebook page, the Cedar Rapids Police Department noted that 6 of these related thefts have happened here very recently. It's very clear what you need to do to protect yourself from being a victim of this situation. CRPD says:

  • Lock your car. Every time. Everywhere.
  • Park in covered or well-lit areas with camera coverage when possible.
  • Install a steering wheel immobilizer.
  • Remove other valuables from your car. No need to entice a would-be thief.
  • Call your dealer and inquire about possible fixes.
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Call 911 immediately if your car is missing or if you've noticed any damage or tampering. Stay safe, and keep your property out of harm's way as you celebrate the upcoming holiday.


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