Dogwoods Lodge, Facebook
Dogwoods Lodge, Facebook

We all make mistakes!

Meet Birdie. She's a very good dog who did a bad thing. She knows it, and she's very very sorry!

As the story goes, according to KCCI, this mischievous little bandit goes to doggy day camp every Friday in Grimes, at Dogwoods Lodge. Last week during her regular day of romping and playing, it seems Birdie pulled the fire alarm at the daycare--totally by accident, and was caught in the act on Dogwoods' security camera. As punishment, Birdie had to "think about what she did" and wear an apology note around her neck for the day, as seen below:

The note read:

Dear Grimes Fire Department: I'm sorry I pulled the fire alarm today. Sincerely, Birdie

Poor Birdie! Jessica Tapper, the owner of Dogwoods, says she is suspicious about how sorry Birdie really is, but who can stay mad at that face?

According to the day camp's Facebook page, Birdie's accidental antics caused a bit of a ruckus among her doggie day camp friends and required the fire department to be called in, but after their little adventure, all are safe and maybe Birdie will have learned her lesson.

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