If you or your parents are getting to the age where you're thinking about retiring, don't plan a move to Florida just yet. According to a new survey, right here in Iowa is one of the best places to spend  your retirement years!

All 50 states were ranked on 41 "key metrics" including cost of living, weather and hospital quality. WalletHub ranks Iowa 4th overall in the country and breaks it down by these categories:

  • 3rd in Health Care Facilities per capita
  • 5th in Elderly-Friendly Labor Market
  • 11th in percentage of population aged 65 and older
  • 16th in life expectancy
  • 18th in property crime rate

Florida did still rank #1, in case the weather is still an important factor. At the bottom of the list were Kentucky, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

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[Via WalletHubCBS2]


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