Where was this option when we were in school?

If you are a student or parent of a student who is planning to take the ACT college entrance exam next year, there's interesting news. If your score isn't so hot, or you just want to improve it, instead of re-taking the entire test, you'll soon be able to give a second try to only portions of it.

Even better, re-taking only part of it will give you a quicker turnaround in seeing your results: two days instead of two weeks.

It's great for parents and students, but unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea. The ability to retake individual sections will be cheaper than retaking all of it, but being able to pay for the do-over favors the more affluent students and families, according to critics.

The cost of the retake has not been set yet.

Oh, and there will also be something called a "superscore" for the students who give it multiple tries, which will leave colleges and universities the ability to mix and match the scores. Another potential disadvantage to those who are only able to take it once.

This will be available starting next September.


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