Have you heard someone who's a bit older bash technology? They claim that it's actually making kids dumber, or you'll hear arguments like that get thrown around from time to time. One thing that's for sure, technology can make life easier in a slew of different and wonderful ways. But we have become so dependent on tech now we can't even do even simple tasks anymore without rushing to the internet for help.

Ways tech has made us "dumber"

A recent study found the average person can get away with not remembering a number of things each day because technology does it for them.  And more than a third of us feel like we don't have to remember ANYTHING anymore.

The top five things we forget because of technology are:

  • Passwords
  • Other people's phone numbers
  • How to spell certain words
  • How to write legibly. This is especially an issue with younger people.
  • And, how to do basic math.

Our OWN phone number just missed the top five and ended up in 6th place. Somehow, 13% of people in the poll said they don't know their own number off the top of their head.

A few more that made the top 20 are:

  • Other people's addresses
  • Birthdays
  • Names
  • Directions
  • What time your favorite shows are on TV.

60% of people in the poll said the main reason we forget easy stuff like so simple is that we know we can just Google it these days. Which, is true. One of my big crutches is using Google to help me spell words. Rather than even try, I'll Google a word, best I can, and copy/paste the correct spelling into whatever document or text I need. Or better yet, rely on the auto spellchecking extensions on a web browser, or built into phone software to help.

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