In a world where any move you make, smart or dumb, can be filmed in an instant and spread across social media even quicker, a group of kids with intentions to "go viral" is going to suffer the cost, literally. Or at least, their parents are.

Here was the scene at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School in Des Moines.

It started with the kids lifting their classmate in the air.

KCCI via YouTube
KCCI via YouTube

The problem is, they lifted him a little too high, and he went straight through the ceiling!

KCCI via YouTube
KCCI via YouTube

They were attempting to help the student do a flip once tossed in the air, and were going to post a video of his achievement. Unfortunately, their logistics were a little off. He hit the ceiling instead, and while no one was hurt, there was damage done.

The incident happened last Friday, and the parents of the 11 students involved have been notified that their students will not be formally disciplined. The only charges will be financial, which will likely be nothing to sneeze at. The story was reported by KCCI.

It wasn't clear how much the repairs are going to cost, but get ready for a summer filled with mowing lawns to pay that off I guess. Ouch.

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