If you count the year 2020, the past decade ended in a pandemic and hence, not on a high note. But if you think back to the decade as a whole, that is 2010 - 2020, there were many joyous and momentous occasions, no doubt. One monumental change for many Iowans over the past 10 years, new lil' bundles of joy.

Now, thanks to the American Social Security Administration, we know the most popular baby names Iowans gave their kiddos over the past decade. So, let's jump right in:

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Most popular girls names in Iowa 2010-2020

The top 5 baby names in Iowa for girls over each of the past ten years were -

2010: Ava, Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia
2011: Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, Addison
2012: Emma, Sophia, Olivia, Harper, Ava
2013: Emma, Harper, Sophia, Olivia, Ava
2014: Emma, Olivia, Harper, Ava, Sophia
2015: Emma, Olivia, Harper, Evelyn, Sophia
2016: Olivia, Emma, Harper, Evelyn, Charlotte
2017: Harper, Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, Evelyn
2018: Harper, Evelyn, Emma, Charlotte, Olivia
2019: Charlotte, Emma, Evelyn, Harper, Olivia
2020: Olivia, Charlotte, Evelyn, Emma, Amelia

What can we surmise from this list? Iowa parents love the name, Emma! Olivia and Harper were also well represented. Still, Emma is the top dog in Iowa. In about 6-10 years, you'll be seeing a LOT of Emmas in doctor's offices and law firms.

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash
Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

Most popular boys names in Iowa 2010-2020

The top 5 baby names in Iowa for boys over each of the past ten years were -

2010: Mason, Noah, Ethan, Aiden, Jacob
2011: Carter, Mason, Owen, Noah, Jacob
2012: Liam, Mason, Carter, William, Owen
2013: Liam, Mason, Carter, Noah, Owen
2014: Liam, William, Mason, Noah, Owen
2015: Liam, William, Oliver, Henry, Owen
2016: Oliver, Owen, William, Henry, Wyatt
2017: Oliver, Liam, Henry, Lincoln, Wyatt
2018: Oliver, Liam, Henry, William, Owen
2019: Oliver, Liam, Henry, William, Noah
2020: Oliver, Liam, Henry, Theodore, William

As you can see, the last five years were dominated by Olivers, Liam's, and Henry's. As a decade overall, lots of Mason's and William's were born. So what does the future hold? I hope we don't see baby Covid or Corona...

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