Perfect attendance was always worth some bragging rights back in school, and if you're a proud, small town with a population of only 68, it wasn't necessarily a tough achievement, but it's a good bit of bragging rights for Balltown, Iowa to say they have accomplished 100 percent perfect census completion, according to Iowa's News Now.

The Dubuque County town is the first city in Iowa and the second in the United States to do so.

As a reward, the Lieutenant Governor Gregg and Secretary of State Paul Pate held an award ceremony where the "Key to the Future Response Rate Challenge" award was presented to Balltown Mayor, Sherri Sigwarth.

They hope to use the award as a springboard for other towns in the state to get cracking and fill out the census. It's so important because it is used to not only count population, but to also determine how to distribute resources among them, including transportation, schools and public spaces.

Citizens have until October to fill out the census via the materials they may have received in the mail, or you can go online to complete it at the U.S. Census 2020 website.

As of this past Wednesday, Cedar Rapids was at 70 percent, just above the state average of 68 percent.

Do your part to make your community better and fill out the census.

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