A good job gives us an abundance of pride and purpose, and it's even better to live and work in Iowa, as new reports say our unemployment ranks among the lowest in the country.

Iowa Workforce Development crunches the numbers and states that the number of Iowans with jobs rose by 8,200 from October to November.

However, the actual number of unemployed people rose from 45,100 in October to 46,200 in November. It still leaves Iowa's unemployment at 2.6 percent. It's the fifth-lowest in the nation, tied with Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

Vermont has the lowest overall unemployment rate, at 2.3 percent and the national average is 3.5 percent.

We recently spotlighted fifteen local factories giving good jobs to area workers. Those who work for a living in Iowa should feel blessed to be part of a booming workforce in one of the country's most blue-collar states.

Learn more about the findings surrounding Iowa's lowering unemployment rates here.


[Via KCRG]

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