An Iowa university canceled classes on Wednesday, April 14 due to snow, except the flakes weren't actually flying.

Students at Waldorf University in Forest City had school called off for the day because of a 'Snownado.' You've probably never heard of one, but Snownado's do really exist. However, it's pretty clear that one of these isn't enough to cancel school.

Obviously, it was just a cute excuse to punt classes. Waldorf University President Dr. Bob Alsop made the proclamation in a video posted to the school's YouTube channel. More on that video in a little bit.

So why did Walford students actually get Wednesday off? They were given the day because there was no Spring Break and the school didn't have any snow days this past winter. While my first reaction is, 'man isn't college life rough?,' I do understand. Everyone needs a break, and we certainly could all have used a few more than we've gotten in the last year.

Waldorf sophomore Isiah Wright told KIMT,

It's a blessing. Some people do deal with mental health, so they get another day to relax, catch up with stuff. We're used to a week. A week's the best.

The day off was also a reward to a student body that has had very few cases of COVID 19 over the past year. KIMT reports President Alsop "feels that students deserved a reward for their hard work and perseverance."

I think you'll agree after watching the video below that Alsop should stick with his current gig. I don't believe videos are his calling.

School's back in session today and graduation day at Waldorf University is Saturday, May 8.

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