Puppy mills are a big problem here in Iowa. In fact, a new report from the United States Department of Agriculture shows Iowa as the state with the most mill violations. Thankfully, organizations like the Animal Rescue League of Iowa are around to pull these animals from their horrendous conditions.

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Not only do we have rescue groups, but we have amazing vets willing to provide top-notch care to these animals too. According to KCCI, Iowa State University professor Dr. Rod Bagely is one of the vets that has stepped up to help animals that have been victims of puppy mill abuse.

There is one dog that Bagely had a part in saving that has a special place in his heart. You may remember in November of 2021 500 dogs were rescued from a breeder in southeast Iowa. That breeder was Daniel Gingerich who was fined, charged, and sentenced to jail time. One of the dogs pulled from that nightmare was a female golden retriever. She was emaciated and had multiple fractures that occurred over time.

Photos of Dogs Recused From an Iowa Puppy Mill

As you can see, the conditions were unacceptable.

She just was emotionally so timid, that she just would not move.....She wouldn't get up and go. And as a neurologist, I've dealt with a lot of animals through my career that aren't able to walk, but she was different,” Bagely told KCCI.

The report states that the almost 5-year-old dog named Doree spent her entire life in a cage. She was traumatized, and Bagely thinks she didn't know how to walk. There's a video of her right after being rescued that shows her "crawling on the ground with no strength to stand." That's all changed now.

Bagely and others spent a lot of time swimming with her to help strengthen her legs.

After a couple of months of work, Doree can walk, run, and play, just like a normal dog. And she got a happy ending too. Bagely and his family actually adopted Doree! Not only does she have a loving forever home, but she gets to visit veterinary students at the university too!

Doree brings hope and positivity to a lot of people at the university. We're so happy this sweet pup got the care and love she deserves.

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