There should only be 2 days left of this tundra that has blanketed Iowa for the past 5 days. We did catch a little bit of a break on Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures at least reaching the mid-teens but I'm starting to get sick of the wind chill that makes it feel -10 or worse. Do you know what else could really use a break from this freezing weather? This water tower in Manning, Iowa.

This tower looks like something completely out of an apocalyptic movie. I could see movie director James Cameron using this tower in a scene in his next blockbuster hit, about the weather freezing and wiping out the human population.

For those of us who live in Iowa, this is just winter. It's cold but we wake up, put our clothes on, tie our shoes, and go about our lives as normally as possible. For anyone who's never lived in Iowa, this is a fantastic photo to describe what this week has been like in the Hawkeye state.

Manning, Iowa spent more than 70 straight hours this week with temperatures below zero, according to KCCI. To go along with negative temperatures, there was wind to make everything feel even colder.

This water tower is located at the Ag processing plant and as you can see, is completely frozen over. The reason the tower looks like it's wearing a Santa Claus beard is the steam coming from the plant doesn't have time to dissipate. The moisture sticks right to the tower and you end up with a tower that looks like Elsa's treehouse.

(Yes, that's a Disney movie Frozen joke...Your kids will understand what I'm talking about.)

If anyone who lives in a warm climate saw this photo, it would probably scare them from ever leaving their state where it's 40 degrees in January. To be fair...I'm pretty fine with that.

Cheers to the mid-30s next week. I think Iowa has seen enough winter in the past 2 weeks to last the rest of the year.

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