There is something to be said for being concise and to the point, and a new study says Iowa is one of the best at it. According to Preply, we are among the fastest-talking states and I don't mean the kind of sleazy fast-talk a salesperson pulls on you to take your money. I mean Micro-Machines guy, auctioneer kind of stuff. Literal fast talk.

I'm talking about the actual speed of our talking. Preply actually measured this. This is how they found out:

In an attempt to identify U.S. cities, states, and regions with the fastest and slowest talkers, we analyzed data from two nationwide studies based on YouTube videos and call recordings. We then ranked the average speech rates of Americans from 114 cities and in all 50 states.

They ranked this in "syllables per second" (SPS), for which Iowa clocked in at...5.3. Boy, can we talk fast! (For the record we're actually tied with Kansas at #3).

Number 1 was our neighbor to the north, Minnesota, 5.29 SPS.  #2 was Oregon.

While we talk fast, we don't talk much! A stunning subsection of the results showed that Iowa is the least talkative state. The vast majority of states in the latter category are in the midwest:

The most talkative states fit a certain stereotype, being on the east and west coast, as in New York and California, respectively.

And, the slowest talkers come from down south, bless their hearts!

So, do you talk a "mile a minute"? Or do you speak "slow as molasses" and sound like a record player at the wrong speed?

That's all for now, but we'll "talk" to you later!

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