Ahh winter driving! Knuckles turn whiter than the snow, right? It can be dicey on Iowa roads from about December right on through to April (some years, hopefully NOT this year!) Well if you're frightened by winter driving, you're far from alone. According to a study from Value Penguin, nearly 3 out of 4 motorists fear winter driving.

So of the 73% that don't enjoy winter driving and say it scares them, 15% aren't confident at all on the roads when there's been snow or ice. The study connected with 1,100 licensed drivers and the results show women were nearly three times as likely as men to say they weren't at all confident in their own ability to safely drive in snowy or icy conditions. Does that mean men are brave or, afraid to be honest about their driving skills?

The study also found something fascinating, 48% of us feel we weren't properly shown how to drive in winter conditions, while 35% don't know what to do if their car starts to skid while they're driving in the winter. For the record, as explained on the website The Car Guide, if you start to skid  you should do the following:

Drivers should steer into the skid... Slamming on the brakes while driving too fast can also cause the wheels to lock.. Putting the car into neutral or stepping on the clutch pedal will help slow it down and regain control.

Or better yet, we all hibernate until spring! Who's with me? Anyone...?

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