This story might hit a little close to home for some people but we really need to thank firefighters every, single, day. Your whole life you're taught to get away from a burning building and these men and women run into them. Without these brave men and women, this story more than likely has a sad ending.

There was a fire in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, yesterday, and these firefighters were able to rescue two cats from the house, in the 300 block of 30th St SE. I don't know what's been going on lately in Cedar Rapids but it feels the fire department has been needed a lot lately. There was another fire in Cedar Rapids just 8 days ago, where a good samaritan ended up being a silent hero.

Around 11 a.m. the city's fire department said they were called to a home and thankfully the only person who lived at the residence was safely out of the building. The fire was mostly coming from the downstairs basement, where it took the crews around an hour to get everything under control. Chainsaws were actually used to gain entry into the home as well as the kitchen.

The Firefighters said there were "cats hiding in the second story which was filled with smoke", which you can imagine, would make the cats scared and hard to find.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending. "No one was injured" according to reports as officials are still looking into what caused the fire.

At my house, we own five cats, which I know sounds insane, but we love them dearly and they really do feel like our kids in some way. There's always a what if, in the back of your mind, on what you would do if there was an accident at our house. Would we be able to find all of them? What would we do if something bad to were happen? How would we manage to get all of them out safely? It's something to be prepared for if you're a pet owner. Thankfully we have these brave men and women who have done the thinking for us. I challenge you to thank a firefighter today. In both stories I've covered this past week, no one was injured, because of the work of these amazing people.

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