Right around this time of year, we see a huge increase in weddings, especially here in Iowa and the Midwest. From June until September, I can usually plan on going to at least 1 wedding per month, for those 4 months. I don't know about you but I love weddings. Seeing all your family and friends, enjoying the happy couple, and celebrating with them, I've always had a ton of fun whenever I get the invite.

Unsplash - Jeremy Wong Weddings
Unsplash - Jeremy Wong Weddings

I'm currently in the middle of planning my own wedding and I was wondering if you think it's time we skip doing some of these outdated wedding traditions? Don't you think we can leave a lot of these behind as we continue forward in the decade of 2020?

The bride's parents paying for the wedding can go. It took both partners in the relationship to agree to a wedding, it should be both of their responsibility to cover it financially. Big giant weddings seem to be trending downward as well so hopefully, you can pull off a great wedding without having to break the bank.

Do the bride and groom guests really have to sit on separate sides? You probably don't see this very often anymore but it does still happen. I'm not saying you can't have assigned seats at dinner so your friends and family can sit together, but having the family split up during the ceremony just sounds weird to me. It makes it feel very divided, almost like you're picking a team to be on. The reality is everyone should be cheering for 1 team and that's the couple getting married.

While I do understand the tradition behind this, the days of the bride walking down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" can go. Here is a perfect time for the bride to play something that shows her personality or something that shows the love she has for her partner. Here Comes the Bride is so old. It was originally written in Richard Wagner's Lohengrin opera in 1850 according to Time. I'd say it's time for something new.

When you're planning your wedding I hope you can take as much of the stress out of it as possible and try to make it fun. One of the best parts of planning a wedding is you don't have to care at all what anyone else thinks. It's for you and your significant other. If you think a lot of these old customs are outdated, don't do them.

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