I'm not sure if you know this but Iowa produces corn. A lot of it. Iowa actually ranks number 1 in corn production in the United States and produces billions of bushels each year. A lot of that corn ends up mixed in our food or on our dinner plates but have you ever realized how many things are actually made using corn?

Toothpaste contains sorbitol. It's an ingredient that comes from corn and helps give your toothpaste its flavor. Who would've guessed one of the worst things to get stuck in your teeth is also used to help clean them.

Diapers contain corn starch. The starch helps soak up the moisture. I don't even want to guess what newborns went through before the modern-day diaper.

Batteries This article states "In batteries, cornstarch is often used as an electrical conductor" Without batteries you would've never been able to play your old Gameboy. Do kids still use those these days?

Makeup can contain zea mays, which kind of sounds like a tiny insect. It's really just the binomial name for corn.

French Fries are usually cooked in vegetable oil. You guessed it, there's corn in vegetable oil too.

Spark Plugs contain cornstarch. When cornstarch is heated it hardens and is used to help protect the ceramic inside the spark plug. You can't even drive your car without corn.

Beer can even contain corn. Did you know corn can be used as a source of sugar? "Corn for brewing can be used in the form of grits, flour, torrified, flaked, or syrups." 

Aspirin contains corn starch. I've never tried swallowing an aspirin pill with corn on the cob... so I'll have to get back to you on that one. You'd think it would have to improve the taste a little bit.

Salt This is possible because salt contains dextrose from corn. It's what helps the iodine stick to the salt crystals.

Cardboard even contains cornstarch. Corn starch is a part of the paper-making process. Think of all of the corn in your house around the holidays.

Envelopes Cornstarch strikes again. This might be why an envelope tastes gross when you lick the back of it. Cornstarch is activated when you lick it and that's how it sticks.

Fresh Vegetables If you're trying to wrap your brain around this one, I am too. According to this article "ICEIN is a corn-based processing aid" that basically slows down the vegetables from going bad. You can't even eat carrots without corn being involved.


It turns out corn is in more than just the fields you drive past or in your tater tot hot dish. They say science is everything, well, you might want to start believing corn is everything instead.

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