Have you or your child ever physically gotten stuck somewhere?

Ah, kids. You gotta love them! When I was younger, I can think of two times were I got accidentally stuck. One time, my shirt got wrapped up in my neighbor's rope swing and we had to rip the shirt to get me free (it was my favorite shirt, so I was pretty upset), and another time I got locked inside my cousin's closet during a game of hide-n-seek. I honestly think that might be the reason I'm claustrophobic now.

We asked listeners to share their funny stories about getting stuck somewhere as a child, and the responses were hilarious... and kind of terrifying! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Paige Robison - "I somehow managed to get myself in a plastic high chair that was made for a baby doll and got stuck in it at my grandmas. My grandpa had to come home and cut me out of it... whoops!"
  • Shanon Lappe - "When I was younger, we were driving my grandma's Station Wagon while my family was out looking for a new car. My brothers were taking turns laying in the spare tire hole behind the back seat and letting it latch shut. Once they wanted out, they would knock and we would open it up. I didn't trust that they would let me out when I knocked, so I waited to go in. Once everyone got out to walk around and look at cars, I decided to stay in the car. I got in the tire hole and stuck my arm up to try to keep it from latching. Well, it latched, and I was trapped inside. It felt like forever before they got back to the car and heard me screaming and banging in the sides."
  • Molly Hoffman Koehn - "I was about 6 and I got stuck in a laundry chute in our house. The top half of me on the main floor and the bottom half of me was hanging above our basement floor."
  • Karen Robertson - "I got stuck inside of a pull out sofa bed/couch... my sister wasn't strong enough to pull it back open, so I had to crawl into the space at the back of the couch and use my back to lift it up/crawl out. Needless to say, I'm claustrophobic now."
  • Zenab Henschel - "I got stuck in a baby high chair at Burger King. After my mom coated my legs in lotion as a way to slide me out, the manager ended up having to dissemble it."
  • Madi J Rummel - "Stuck in a port-o-potty when I was 5. Wouldn’t recommend it."
  • Jeffrey Michael - "When I was a kid, I thought it would be a good idea to lick a window when it was freezing cold outside and I got my tongue stuck. I didn’t learn, and got it stuck another time when I licked the side of our camper. Live and learn!"
  • Tabitha Thomson - "The previous owners of our house had a part of the basement door cut out so their cat could go down whenever it wanted. About a week after we moved in, my son (he was 3 at the time) got his head caught in the cut out. We were able to wiggle his head out. Got a new door the next day."
  • Stephanie Spangler - "We were out to eat with some friends and all the kids wandered off to a claw machine to look at it. My friend's youngest tried to climb into the machine and got stuck, thankfully we were able to get him out."
  • Annette Myers - "I got locked in a cedar chest in my parents' attic. We were playing hide-n-seek. My mom called my brother and sister down for supper and they forgot to come find me, so I was stuck in there for a long time!"

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