Iowans are known for being hard workers. Our state is full of farmers who work the land or with animals, and get dirty in the process. So, it’s logical many of us feel the need (or those around us tell us) to shower every day. Recently, Cedar Rapids native Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis took a little (actually, a LOT) of flack for saying they don’t bathe their children or themselves unless they stink.

A couple of other celebs agreed, but most people rolled on ‘em online saying that’s gross, wrong, weird, etc. And I agree, you should not wait until you can smell yourself to shower necessarily, But, is it really weird to not shower every day? According to a new study, not at all.

One-third of us aren’t showering regularly

I’m sure a lot of people have their reasons for not hopping in the shower daily. Save time, money, water… perhaps laziness. Whatever the case may be, the poll found that most shower once daily, 51%, but others simply chose not to.

Of the folks that pass on a daily scrubbin’, 20% said they shower every two days, 6% said every three days,  2% said every four days while another (nasty) 2% said every five days (good heavens) and even 1% said they go six days between showering. the worst of all? The 3% said once a week or less goooood lord stay away from me, please. If you’re adding those up, you’ll see 11% are missing. Those 11% shower more than once a day, according to the poll.

Now, do we NEED to shower daily? For some hard-working Iowans, the answer is likely yes, please. For your sake, and those around you. For others, maybe not. But maybe just maybe we can all shower before we start to skink. If you’re turning heads at the grocery store, it’s too late, friend.

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