Very soon the days of eating healthy and exercising will be gone. You will no longer have to work hard to maintain a healthy weight. Researchers at Stanford University and Baylor University believe they have identified a molecule that keeps people from getting hungry, according to Study Finds.

The research has shown the compound the scientists are studying has reduced food intake in mice. The researchers do hope this could eventually lead to a medication to completely replace going to the gym.

Unsplash - Alexander Jawfox
Unsplash - Alexander Jawfox

If I could insert the biggest eye roll emoji ever, I would place one right about here. How many "weight loss" pills or drinks have we heard of by now? While it would be incredible and extremely convenient for this to come true, we have to remember people don't just work out to lose weight.

People work out for more than just their waistline. This might come as a shock but did you know some people work out because it's straight-up good for them? It's healthy for your heart to do cardio, it's good for your muscle tissue to lift weights, and it's good for your digestive system to perform physical activities. These are just things at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the great things that can happen to your body when you work out.  While losing weight is a giant benefit to working out, it's not the only reason people do it.

These "lose weight pills" seem like the greatest idea but I'm just sick of hearing about the latest "get thinner quick" pill. I do want to say that the science behind these studies is incredible and the scientists doing the research are way smarter than I will ever be, I just wish they weren't promoted as a way to replace working out.

Get this, there are people who are skinny and are incredibly unhealthy. Shocking I know. The number you see on the scale shouldn't be the exact thing that determines how healthy you are.

If these exercise pills end up helping people, I'm all for it. It will be a while before they're ready for the public but if they can help lead people to a healthier lifestyle, that's awesome. Even if we eventually can take these pills, it doesn't mean we should completely stop doing some type of physical activity. To be an all-around healthy person, you have to work for it.

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