College students are in full-force work mode as just about every college student has begun their 2023-2024 school year. Getting a college degree can make a major impact on whether or not you get a job you can turn into a career. College is definitely not for everyone but for some, it's necessary to get the job you love.

According to Best Colleges, there are close to 6,000 colleges and universities in America. There are 60 in Iowa with "Carnegie Classifications" and the oldest school in the state is Loras College, which was founded in 1839, according to Appily. Out of those 60 Iowa schools, which are considered to be the best?

Unsplash - Dom Fou
Unsplash - Dom Fou

Wallet Hub conducted a study of the best colleges in America and the highest-rated schools in Iowa. One of the reasons someone might decide they don't want to attend college is because of how expensive it is.

According to this study, the average cost for tuition, room, and board, at a 4 year school is between $27,940 and 57,570. It's important to pick the best school for you because it can be an incredibly expensive mistake if you pick the wrong one.

10 Best Iowa Colleges/Universities

Wallet Hub determined the top-performing schools by comparing 800 schools in the U.S. The study uses 30 different key measures such as; student selectivity, cost & financing, career outcomes, graduation rate, and post-attendance median salary.

These are the schools the study has deemed the best in the state of Iowa:

  • 10. University of Northern Iowa
  • 9. Emmaus Bible College
  • 8. Central College
  • 7. Iowa State University
  • 6. Simpson College
  • 5. Saint Ambrose University
  • 4. University of Iowa
  • 3. Luther College
  • 2. Drake University
  • 1. Grinnell College

When it comes to Grinnell College, they rank 1st in Admission rate, 19th in Net Cost, 2nd in Student Faculty Ratio, 8th in on-campus crime, 2nd in gender and racial diversity, 1st in graduation rate, and 3 in post-attendance median salary.

Do you see your alma mater in the top 10? Which schools do you think Wallet Hub possibly overlooked?

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