After every game Iowa University's Caitlin Clark plays in, it will be some kind of record-setting moment. On November 12th, Caitlin became the all-time leader scorer in Iowa women's basketball history. Every bucket she makes for the rest of her career is technically a brand-new scoring record.

We're getting to the point in Caitlin's career where after just about every game, she's accomplishing feats some basketball fans have never seen in their lifetime. This past Thursday (November 9), Caitlin did it again, proving exactly why she's the best player in women's college basketball.

It's one thing for good players to have incredible games against inferior opponents but what separates good from great, and great from legendary, is how well you play when it matters. When the lights are shining the brightest and you're on the biggest stage, do you show up? The answer for Caitlin is clearly...yes. This stat from the Iowa vs Virginia Tech game is incredible.

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The Iowa Hawkeyes took on the Virginia Tech Hokies on November 9th, in a battle of two teams ranked in the top 10. The Hawkeyes are ranked as the 2nd best team in the country with Virginia Tech not too far behind, as they are ranked 9th. This matchup was an incredible early season test, for both teams, and the game proved that. It was a close matchup for all 4 quarters.

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It's been discovered recently that after this game, Caitlin did something we haven't seen in 25 years in college basketball, for men or women. Caitlin did something in this game for the 3rd time in her career, and in the past 25 seasons, not a single player in college basketball has done this. Not even once.


When the Hawkeyes and Caitlin take on quality opponents, who are ranked in the top 25 in the country, Caitlin shows up and she shows up big. Not only has Caitlin put up these massive triple-double numbers, against top 25 opponents, she's done this more than once. Not a single college basketball player in the past 25 years can say they've done this one time, much less three times.

Caitlin and the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team have turned into appointment television. Whenever Caitlin takes the court, she's making college basketball history. It sure is fun to watch.

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