The website ASecureLife recently came out with a survey to determine each state's most searched "Is It Safe To..." question on Google. To put it more plainly: a question surrounding the biggest safety concerns each state has.

With their results, they found that a lot of states are still concerned about the safety of lettuce after 2018 E. Coli outbreaks, as "Is It Safe To Eat Lettuce/Romaine" was the popular choice among midwest states like South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Our  neighbors in Nebraska and North Dakota were among those asking "Is It Safe to Do a Liquid Diet?"

Folks in Florida, Illinois and New Jersey wondered "Is It Safe To Use Uber?"

Facebook safety (based on a reported data breach in 2018) was a concern in Missouri and several Southern states.

What did Iowa pose as its most popular "Is It Safe To"...question? We joined Kansas in our curiosity about the hugely popular low-carb, high-fat Keto diet.

You can learn more about the study and what other states Googled here.


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