Every time the weather forces the cancellation of school in the western Iowa school district of Missouri Valley, based in Missouri Valley, the superintendent sings. Literally.

Brent Hoesing is the superintendent of Missouri Valley Community Schools, and his videos bring a lot of joy to those that see them. As you might imagine, the students that watch them are already in a celebratory mood when they hear the news and the videos can't help but put a smile on your face. Especially when his two daughters take part, as they did for today's cancellation announcement, due to the major winter storm impacting Iowa. You can watch their take on Gloria Gaynor's 1978 song "I Will Survive" below.

The girls first appeared in one of Hoesing's videos three years ago this month.

It was February of 2019 that they first, knowingly, took part.

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The videos by Hoesing have been a tradition since January of 2018. He definitely had fun with Vanilla Ice's 1990 hit "Ice, Ice Baby" in this video that seems to have started it all.

Keep singing, Brent, and thanks for always putting a smile on our faces when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate with our normal life plans.

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