In the current economy, it is no doubt going to be difficult for anyone to start a new business, and unfortunately, that challenge may extend to stepping in to take over a highly-established one as well.

Dan and Deb Klouda, owners of Joensy's Restaurant in Center Point, have been looking to step away from their business, for personal and health reasons, for some time. They told KCRG:

The main part for our decision was that my husband has a lung disease, and it’s on the mend,” Klouda said. “We want to keep it that way, and the oils are pretty detrimental here at the restaurant for it.”

They have had the restaurant for sale for several months, seeking someone to take over and maintain the historic eatery's well-known tradition of a family-friendly community atmosphere, and a classic menu of their famous tenderloins, comfort food, and more. A brief recent Facebook post implies that they have yet to find who or what they are looking for. It also sadly hints that, with or without that new buyer, Joensy's as we know it will be making a transition regardless.

The post says, simply:

Joensys Restaurant for sale

Will be closing Oct 15th, 2022

Equipment auction to follow w/ Backes Auctions

While they say in a response to a comment on the post, they have "not given up hope" on finding the right person, it sadly appears they are looking to bring their time at the helm to an end.

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I want people to just be open to something new, Klouda said. It’s an ending to a new beginning, you know, and it’s gonna be a great thing for the community. I really think it will be.

As one of those regulars who's visited them and enjoyed their food and their company for a very longtime, I can speak for everyone when I say the Joensy's as we know it will be very much missed in this community. We wish Dan and Deb the best in whatever their future brings.

This closing will not effect the separately-owned Joensy's in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

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