I swear TikTok just loves starting the weirdest trends. This one is about people cutting their hair in a weird way. Since people can't go get hair cuts, they are having friends and family cut their hair. I haven't gotten a hair cut in over a month so I feel the pain, but I would never try this trend.

The trend is cutting your hair in a bowl cut. People literally put a bowl on their head and cut their hair.

This trend is in it's early phase so who knows how big it may get. I'm assuming the longer this quarantine goes the more bowl cuts we will see. I'm not sure if anyone can pull off this cut, but this trend will help us find out. Other hair cut trends are mostly just pranks on cutting peoples hair poorl, but this trend appears to be 100% on purpose, and asked for. I could never get a bowl cut, I would look ridicules, but if you're looking for a new style and some TikTok fame maybe this hair cut is for you.

Would you ever try a bowl cut?

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