Is Tuition For Iowa Colleges Too High?

College is way too expensive these days. There is currently a possibility that several of Iowa's university's will have to put a cap on their tuition. A bill in the Iowa House of Representatives has been proposed to freeze tuition rates and state funding to three of the state's public colleges, as reported by Iowa State Daily.

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Proposed in majority by the Republican legislatures, this bill would freeze tuition and some funding for Iowa State, University of Northern Iowa, and University of Iowa. Collectively, the pandemic has cost the universities about $185 million dollars.

Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media
Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media

Universities across the country are seeing an all time high in regard to tuition prices. This makes  it almost impossible for students interested in pursuing higher education to follow this path.

I'm not going to lie, college is not for everybody. No, I'm not saying there are people who aren't "smart enough" to be in college. I went to college and I'll be honest...there were some stupid people in my classes. Not everyone needs to go to college. People who go to a trade school or do an apprenticeship make a whole lot of money.

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The amount of money some universities make off of their student body can be shocking. Some huge colleges could pass for an expensive resort with some of the amenities they're putting in. Just give me a dorm with decent heating, as well as some good food from the dining hall and I'm set!

After diving in, I found out that some colleges in Iowa are charging students a whole lot of money to take their classes. Here's a list of the universities in Iowa along with their tuition rates.

This is the most up to date tuition for these colleges according to their websites.

Iowa Colleges Tuition Rates

One of the most costly things you can do is go to college. Sometimes this is a great decision, but it's not always the best idea for everyone. Here's how much it costs to go to colleges like University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State, and University of Iowa.

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