Hola, Amigos!

It's Tuesday, May 5th and it's time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The date is observed to celebrate the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire. It's also an excuse to get completely blacked out on tequila once a year on May 5th.

I love Mexican food, but I'm not a huge Margarita drinker. That why I'm asking you, who's got the best Marg's in Cedar Rapids?

I realize since everything is closed, we'll have to get our drinks and take them home. If you decide to have a sip on the ride, I won't judge you or say a word. But you should really wait, nobody wants to get thrown in the hoosegow on Cinco de Mayo.

My earliest margarita experience was at Papa Juans on the N.E. side of Cedar Rapids. I switched it up when a fella named Armando opened up the Hacienda franchise. I fell in love with their recipe and became a regular at all Hacienda locations.

But like I said before, I'm not a huge Margarita drinker so I look forward to your suggestions. Comment below and we can discuss.

Have a great day and don't forget the salt!

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