It was such a cool thing when Coca-Cola started putting people's names on their bottles, encouraging you to "Share a Coke with _______". It's like the adult version of when you'd go on vacation with your family as a kid and you'd find those mini-license plates with your name at a gas station or hotel gift shop. It was so cool!

With the bottles, it started to become less cool when I could never find one with my name on it. (I'm not that guy who's going to reach back or pull them all off the shelf until I find I am more of a Pepsi person). So I saw this in the mini-fridge at work and I am stumped.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

Is someone saving it for themselves? Did I buy it myself and forget about it? Did a co-worker leave it there for me?

The consensus seems to be a former co-worker bought it and left it for me and never told me. (Any of my current coworkers could have at least played along and fessed up, but then you wouldn't be getting to read this article.) Seeing as how the only other time it happened, she gave it to me then, too, that would make sense. But read on to find out why this time, it's a bit sketchier.

As this co-worker has been gone for over a year and a half, the idea of consuming it now could be a little iffy. I can't find an expiration date on it anywhere, and it doesn't seem like it would ever be unsafe to drink. But our friends at USDA say it starts to lose its flavor and carbonation within 3-9 months.

That shelf/compartment looks a little dirty too, but I don't want to say that too loudly lest I get volunteered to clean it.

So many questions! I don't remember buying it. No one else is claiming it. No one has told me they bought it for me. So now what? Do I drink it or save it? Or just dump it? What would you do? I need an answer quickly because I am getting very thirsty!

How often have you found a Coke bottle with your name on it, or had someone gift one to you that they happened to find? Let me know in the comments or in a message on our free app.

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