A storm wreaked havoc on Beyonce's Renaissance Tour stop in Maryland Sunday night (Aug. 6).

Concert venue FedEx Field announced in a tweet that a shelter-in-place order had been put into effect around 6:40PM (ET) last night, and that all fans should take shelter due to severe lightning and other weather conditions such as heavy rain.

"Fans outside of gates and in the parking lots are asked to return to their cars. All fans inside of the stadium are asked to shelter in place under covered concourse areas and ramps until further notice," the announcement read.

The delays took such a toll on the concert that Beyonce herself even reportedly paid $100,000 to keep all 98 stations of the DC Metro system open for an hour later than usual to ensure fans would be able to get home safely following the weather debacle.

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"Hold up #BeyHive. Metro & Renaissance Tour will extend the last train by an extra hour to weather the storm," the Metro announced in a tweet.

According to Maryland news station WJLA News, fans waited for nearly two hours before the concert was able to proceed.

The shelter-in-place order caused several fans to experience heat exhaustion due to the extremely packed concourses. Many were treated for heat exhaustion on-site, while at least one fan was transported to a hospital.

Despite the severe weather and setbacks, Beyonce delivered a showstopping performance — rain and all — according to fans.

One fan on Twitter even called the concert, which was altered to not include the robotic arms typically featured alongside Beyonce during the song "Cozy," "iconic."

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