Bob Saget's daughters have given Kelly Rizzo "their blessing" to date again.

The 44-year-old TV host had been married to the former Full House star for almost four years when he accidentally hit his head in a hotel room and was found dead hours later in January 2022 at age 65. She has now admitted that it "meant everything" that his daughters Aubrey, 36, Lara, 34, and 31-year-old Jennifer - who he had with ex-wife Sherri Kramer - have said they are happy for her to move on.

Rizzo told Fox News Digital: "It’s meant everything. Even though it’s something that you don’t think you need permission for, it meant everything to me to have their blessing and just knowing that they want me to be happy and that they love me. And the two of them saying that Bob would want me to be happy meant everything because they’re his kids. They knew him best."

The "Comfort Food" podcast host went on to add that she likes to think Saget would also want her to be "happy" but admitted that it just "meant the world" to hear such a sentiment from his daughters.

She said: "I’d love to think that Bob would want me to be happy too, but to hear it from them is just a totally different level. And it meant the world just to hear, ‘Hey, we trust you. We love you. We know you’re going to do what’s right, and we want you to be happy. To continually have their support – I couldn’t ask for a greater gift."

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Rizzo and Saget spent their last Christmas together in 2021, and reflected that it was "such a special time" as she revealed that she and Saget's middle daughter, Lara, have made it something of a tradition to spend the holiday together since his passing.

She said: "We were so fortunate that we got to have that last Christmas together.

"It was such a special time. My family was so happy to have him, and it was just this beautiful time that we all had. We all got to be together… And last Christmas, Lara came to Chicago to spend Christmas with my family. It was a wonderful time that first year. She wanted to do it again and honor him by coming back to Chicago. So this Christmas, Lara is spending Christmas with my family again."

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