A new grandmother on Reddit is confused why her relationship with her son's fiancée has seemingly changed ever since her future daughter-in-law gave birth to a little girl, "Lily," six weeks ago.

"I used to get along really well with Jen and told everyone she was like a daughter to me. But when she got pregnant, she started acting weird toward me. Like I asked to be in the room for delivery and she said a clipped 'no' ... No big deal, it's her choice. But when I went to visit in the hospital afterward she acted really put off that I was there. I figured she was just tired and left after 20 minutes to give her space," she wrote on Reddit.

"I have stopped in to see everyone about [five] times since she had the baby and every single time that I walk in, she gets really quiet. Whenever I'm holding the baby she is hovering," the woman continued, adding her daughter-in-law has disagreed with how she holds and even speaks to the newborn.

"Then she got livid and actually kicked me out of the house one time because she picked up the baby for making the smallest of noises and I told her the baby was going to get used to being held all the time if she kept doing that, and she said 'well it's a good thing she's my child and I don't have to listen to your crying it out bullshit,'" she shared.

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Things between the woman and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law reached a boiling point on Thanksgiving, and now the woman believes the baby is "picking up" on her future daughter-in-law's "hostility" toward her.

"Apparently it was her mother's first time meeting the baby and of course the baby was all smiles and loved her grandma. But when I got the chance to hold the baby, she immediately started screaming and was promptly taken from me. I feel very slighted. I asked my son if he would bring the baby to visit me without his fiancée because I feel like his fiancée's attitude toward me is the reason why the baby screams every time I hold her," she explained.

"He told me he absolutely would not bring his daughter to my place without her mother because he wouldn't do that to his fiancée ... I told him they were purposely ruining my chance at a relationship with my granddaughter and he said that wasn't true and that I need to stop 'pushing' my old fashioned beliefs," the grandmother concluded.

Users in the comments blasted the grandmother for being entitled.

"You are making this whole situation about you. Let them be a family together. Let them set the rules for how the baby is cared for, unless they are doing something objectively dangerous ... Let go of how you were deprived of what you seem to think is your right to be present at one of the most vulnerable moments of her life. You can't ruin a relationship with a six-week-old baby. But you're well on your way to ruining the relationships with your son and daughter-in-law," one person wrote.

"If I've learned anything, you don’t offer parenting advice unless asked. I don’t care if you birthed out a litter and have 'experience!' No one appreciates being told they're doing something incorrectly," someone else commented.

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