Jennifer Lopez sings about her love for Ben Affleck on her new single.

The 54-year-old star's latest song "Can't Get Enough," the first single from her upcoming album This Is Me Now, opens up on her love life with her husband as she lays bare their romance with some steamy lyrics.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, she sings: "Is this real life? / Too good to be true / Take me all night / I can feel the passion in your eyes / I’m still in love with you.”

Elsewhere, she sings that their love is "so good" she "can't believe it", adding: "Don't wanna share with no one else / You're always the one I needed / Don’t gotta keep a secret, but I’ll let you keep me to yourself / It’s the way you love me. The way you touch me / It’s the way you look at me / I can’t get enough of you boy."

Watch Jennifer Lopez's "Can't Get Enough" Music Video:

The couple, who rekindled their relationship in 2021, having initially split in 2004, tied the knot in Las Vegas in July 2022, two decades after first getting engaged.

The new album is set to drop on Feb. 16 along with her new Prime Video release This Is Me Now: A Love Story, and she described the project as "the most revealing" of her career as she shares a "visual re-imagining" of her love life with fans, including her relationships with the likes of Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez.

She previously said: "It’s the most personal scary project that I have ever done. It is a real film, it is a real journey, it is a real story. It’s the most revealing thing I’ve done. I don’t think anyone knows anything about my true personal life.”

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