A driver in Minneapolis, Minn., did a double take when he was pulled over by a police officer he recognized from OnlyFans.

According to FOX 9, the Minneapolis Police Department is investigating a female officer after she pulled over a man who allegedly subscribes to her OnlyFans account.

"You got to go to the VIP and you get to see the videos of her and her, I guess, husband — I guess that’s who it is — they do full sex videos," the driver told FOX 9, adding he confronted the officer about her alleged side gig when he recognized her during the traffic stop.

"You can’t arrest me no more... I’ve seen your private parts. I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me and I just saw you and your husband last night for $29.99 have sex on OnlyFans. I just can't respect you or the precinct that you’re working at," he said.

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The unnamed police officer reportedly operates an OnlyFans page where she offers videos and photos described as "solo play" and "amateur porn."

The officer describes herself as a free-spirited, "overly optimistic creator of sexy content to please others."

After the story went viral, Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis released a statement in response to the controversy.

"If all we're talking about is naked pictures behind a paywall, the mayor has no issue. However, the chief will determine if there are any policy violations," Frey said.

According to TMZ, the Minneapolis Police Department forbids off-duty officers from participating in anything that is "not compatible with police work," which includes working at "any establishment that provides adult entertainment in the form of nude, semi-nude or topless exhibitions."

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