Apparently the upcoming remake of Mean Girls is not only a secret musical, it is also a cinnamon roll.

Behold: The “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting)” Cinnabon, which is a Cinnabon with special Mean Girls pink frosting. According to the press release, this special topping, which will be available later this month, can be added to any Classic, MiniBon, BonBites, or Center of the Roll.

(I had no idea what “Center of the Roll” was, so I had to look that up on the Cinnabon website — apparently it’s a cup of just the middles of a bunch of cinnamon rolls. I do not know what they do with the rest of the roll’s layers, but I hope they are put to good use somewhere.)

These pictures are ... well, they are very very pink.


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This photograph captures exactly how I eat a Cinnabon; I like to kiss it first. Just to show my appreciation.

Pink is having an major moment in the world of movie tie-in food right now. Cinnabon’s unnaturally pink cinnamon rolls comes just a few months after Burger King mesmerized (or horrified) the world with a cheeseburger that came topped with something called “smoked pink sauce.” Personally, the only food-related item I associate with the color pink is Pepto Bismol. Maybe eventually one of these tie-ins will skip the intermediary steps and just put the pink Pepto right on whatever gluttonous menu item you order.

Mean Girls “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting)” CinnaPacks will set you back $18. But that’s a small price to pay to be able to say you ate a food inspired by a Tina Fey movie.

The pink frosted Mean Girls cinnamon buns will be available Wednesday January 17 through February 7, while supplies last at participating locations. Mean Girls opens in theaters on January 12. I got through this whole post without making a single “fetch” joke. Where is my Pulitzer?

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