A Midwest seed company is planning an expansion that would leave a greater footprint in Iowa.

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Farmers in Iowa are no strangers to the Illinois seedcorn company Wyffels Hybrids. After nine years of consecutive growth, Wyffles has announced it is expanding its business with a new site in Ames.

The new facility will sit on 150 acres and be located near Interstate 35 and Highway 30. This new site will help Wyffles growing customer base gain access to “industry-leading” products and support through the growing season.

According to a release from Wyffles, the first phase of expansion will include the construction of a new warehouse and distribution center that will bring seeds closer to customers in Iowa, southern South Dakota, and southern Minnesota.

“Wyffels fully expects that future expansion will include seed corn production capabilities, enhanced research, and corn breeding functions, agronomic demonstration opportunities, as well as meeting and training resources for employees and customers.

The land for the new Iowa site was purchased from Alliant Energy. Its location makes it ideal for connecting with talent and research from Iowa State University as well as being by two major interstates.

Wyffels will break ground next spring and begin shipping from the Iowa site in 2024. So far, it is uncertain how many jobs this expansion will bring to Iowa.

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