Just what we need on television, right? Another talk show. But this show will be different in some very important ways! First of all, it will be a local show hosted by names you know! And it will focus on events and lifestyle trends happening right here in Eastern Iowa!

According to a press release from KCRG TV-9, a new morning talk show will debut on TV-9 this fall. It will be called Everyday Iowa. The show is described as a one-hour-long lifestyle show. It will air on weekdays this fall beginning at 9 a.m. The show will be the first of its kind in Eastern Iowa. The press release states that Everyday Iowa will "connect viewers to local lifestyle trends and things to do in our area." The hosts will explore sights around Eastern Iowa and talk about cool events happening around town!

The press release reports that Everyday Iowa will be hosted by three familiar faces, starting with Justin Roberts. Justin has a long history in the broadcast business working for KMRY, WMT, KGAN, and most recently the morning show host at KMCH in Manchester. Catherine Blades has performed in both theaters and in TV and movie productions. Christina Jensen has worked in radio including most recently at KMRY.

You won't have to wait much longer for the premiere of Everyday Iowa on KCRG. The press release states that the new hour-long show will air for the first time on Monday, September 11th. We'll be tuned in for sure!

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