The task of getting up early to prepare and deliver the news weighs on any great journalist over time. One of the finest at KCRG TV-9 has decided that the next chapter of her life needs to begin, and we will feel her loss in Eastern Iowa.

KCRG news anchor Nicole Agee announced via her Facebook page last Friday that she will be leaving TV-9 at the end of the month. Her final day on the air will be Friday, June 30th. She started her announcement with a quote from Walter Williams, the first dean of the Missouri School of Journalism.

I belived in the profession of journalism.

Those words exist as part of the Journalists Creed. Those words have motivated thousands of aspiring journalists, including Agee, for decades. She spent more than 14 years at KCRG in Cedar Rapids. Before that, she spent time in Cedar Falls, Columbia (Missouri), Austin (Texas), and then here in Eastern Iowa. In her post, Nicole talks about the opportunity to tell some amazing stories and meet fascinating people during her time at KCRG. She also spoke about the incredible newsroom and her amazing KCRG team.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nicole Agee during her time at KCRG. I vividly remember shooting TV promos with her, Ashley Hinson, and my former partner Scott Steele. I'm sure someone has the outtake videos and is saving them for the right occasion. Nicole was also a big country music fan and would often take the time to stop over and talk on the air about her favorite artists like Brad Paisley and Thomas Rhett.

After her final day on the air, Nicole has announced that she will be joining KCRG's parent company Gray Television. She will represent the Midwest and work with colleges and stations to help develop the next generation of journalists. Much like when Kaj O'Mara left, it too will be tough to watch Nicole leave TV-9. But we are happy for her and her family and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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