An actor who hailed from here in the Midwest and starred in such movies as 'Rudy', 'The Sum of All Fears', and 'Walking Tall' has died.

John Beasley passed away on Tuesday at the age of 79, according to KETV. His son Mike posted on Facebook that he had "lost his best friend." Beasley was a proud native of Omaha and would often return to the city for street renamings or a celebration of life, according to KETV. The 79-year-old actor worked up until the end, as he was preparing for a role in The Notebook on Broadway that was scheduled to start in the coming weeks.

Beasley didn't start his acting career until later in life. He worked for Union Pacific Railroad up until his 40s when he began getting roles on the big and small screen, according to KETV. Beasley had one of the Hollywood careers where you know you've seen him, but you just can't remember what. He starred in the TV show 'CSI' and even had a cameo as a bartender in season one of 'The Mandalorian!' He even starred in a horror movie 'The Purge: Anarachy' in 2014.

John Beasley doesn't just leave behind an impressive acting resume. He also is remembered for mentoring young aspiring actors. KETV reports that he established the John Beasley Theater and Workshop in Omaha. He was known for giving hope to anyone looking to get a break in the industry. Achieving success just because someone believed in you. What a powerful legacy to leave.

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