Getting ready for a post-holiday donation spree?

Christmas is right around the corner and as we come up with gifts for our kids, family, and even as we anticipate anything that we know we're getting, sometimes we may run into one issue. What can we get rid of to make room for it? Or maybe, as my family has done, you can't stand the sight of a certain useless thing anymore and you're ready to get rid of it before 2024.

Maybe you're just feeling that charitable this holiday season and you want to give some of your stuff to the less fortunate in our community. Maybe you're looking for a last-ditch effort at a donation receipt for your taxes. Either way, we have a bunch of reasons to donate to the Salvation Army this season, whether it's through the Red Kettle Campaign or taking them our stuff.

But hold up.

Before you start dragging out boxes and labeling them with 'donate', the Salvation Army in Illinois has certain things they will not accept. And a lot of them are things you probably have somewhere in your house.

Whenever you are ready to donate your items though, just check the hours of our local donation centers and drop off the items you would like to donate. Get yourself a donation receipt for your taxes and you'll be good to go.

Scroll down to see the 7 things that Illinois Salvation Army stores do not accept! Happy downsizing and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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