We are in the thick of the mowing season. It's no fun bagging your lawn clippings every time and that can get expensive. But you don't need to blow them all over the road. As a matter of fact, that's illegal.

If you catch yourself blowing grass onto the road with your lawn mower, you're probably breaking Iowa law. Or at least the law in your city wherever you live. That's right, most cities have ordinances that could lead you to a hefty fine for blowing grass clippings in the street.

It's also really dangerous for our motorcycle friends. And by friends, I mean the responsible ones not flying up and down Brady and Harrison. It's dangerous for bicyclists but bicyclists are dangerous for everyone else which is a topic of discussion for a different day.

It's Illegal To Blow Grass Clippings On Roads In Iowa

Just assume, whether you live in Iowa or Illinois, it's illegal to blow grass clippings into the road. That's right, blowing grass clippings on the road and streets in Davenport is in violation of the Clean Water Act and City Code, Chapter 8.14.400. Fines for blowing grass into roadways range from $100-$250. It's also against the City Code in Bettendorf to blow leaves and grass clippings onto the roads.

On the Illinois side, it's against the law in the entire state under the Illinois Litter Control Act.

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There are a few reasons why laws are in place for people to not blow grass clippings in the street. The Davenport Public Works Department put up a social media post in May giving us the exact reasons why.

Blow grass clippings in the streets can clog sewer drains, grass can enter waterways causing water pollution, it can make your neighborhood look terrible, and wet grass makes roads slick for motorcyclists and bicyclists

How To Prevent Grass Clippings From Getting In The Road

There are a few options to prevent grass from getting in the roadways and save you from getting in trouble. Those options include:

  • Bag grass clippings
  • Position the mower to blow clippings onto your property
  • Sweep/blow grass clippings that make it to the street back onto your property
  • Pick up and properly dispose of grass clippings
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After you're done mowing, take your leaf blower and walk along the curb to blow the grass clippings you may have accidentally blown on the road back into your yard.

Be a good neighbor and great mower this summer by following these tips.

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