One Iowa city was recently named one of the ugliest in America, and it's one you may have never heard of unless you like sports or have driven past it.

Despite how flat people think Iowa is, Iowa has beautiful scenery. Rolling hills with beautiful farmland, gorgeous state parks, and plenty of adorable small towns scattered throughout the Hawkeye State. You can't forget about all of the fun and amazing things to see in cities like Davenport, Cedar Rapids, or the state capital, Des Moines.

It would be easy to assume that cities with bad reputations like Waterloo, Ottumwa, or even Davenport, would get named as the ugliest in city in Iowa. Instead, a city with a pretty popular college was given the title.

The website, Travel A Lot, recently released an article naming the ugliest city in each state. What makes a city "ugly"?  the article says whether it's from lack of maintenance or just poor design choices, these cities are an eyesore. Travel A Lot made their selections using reviews by local residents on sites like Niche and Reddit.

The Ugliest City in Iowa is...

A college town in the middle of Iowa was named the ugliest. That town is called Ames. If you're a Hawkeye fan, you couldn't agree more. But why would Travel A Lot pick on Ames?

Travel A Lot said that Ames, Iowa isn't hideous, it's just too boring to be considered beautiful. As someone who has been out in Ames, I don't want to see Ames in the daylight. The website went on to say:

“While it may be a safe place to live (unlike some of the other places on this list), it's also one of the most boring. Unless you're a student at ISU, there's probably not going to be enough going on to satisfy you. At least you can always just stare out into the cornfields! ”

At least this year, folks in Ames and Iowa State University got some excitement when Brock Purdy led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl LVII.

Sure, they lost but at least they made it.

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