Now that March Madness has begun, I'm flipping through channels more often to pass the time in between the commercials. Yes, radio DJs also try to avoid commercials, we're human.

During my channel flipping, I saw a very familiar face on a different Quad Cities television station. This anchor is normally seen on channel 6 but she was seen for a brief moment a couple of channels up on channel 8. She was on that new channel because a late-night talk show host was making a joke with the story she was telling.

Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube/Canva
Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube/Canva

The story itself contains arsen and drug use. The person who is accused of doing so took a mugshot for the ages.

Morgan Ottier On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

If you were watching Jimmy Kimmel Live! on WQAD-TV 8/ABC last night, you may have seen KWQC-TV6 anchor, Morgan Ottier on there. Kimmel featured a news report she was doing to get some laughs. It wasn't Morgan who was the butt of the joke, it was the mugshot of a woman accused of some serious crimes.

Hat off to Morgan for keeping the greatest composure of all time while reporting this story. There is no way you, myself, or anyone else could have kept a straight face reading that story while looking at the mugshot.

The original mugshot was actually shared by the Burlington Police Department.

Drugs & Arson: Why This Woman Got Arrested

This is the original report from the Burlington Police Department:

A Burlington woman is facing criminal charges for lighting a fire on the porch of a house she believed was her friend's.

The incident occurred just after 4:30 pm on March 19, 2024. The resident of 2224 Vineyard in Burlington called DESCOM after she received an alert of motion from her security camera. The resident, who was not home at the time, watched video from her security camera as a woman lit a fire on the resident's porch. The resident said she did not know the woman and had never seen her before.

Burlington Iowa Police Department via Facebook
Burlington Iowa Police Department via Facebook

Officers from the Burlington Police Department and Burlington Fire Department were dispatched to 2224 Vineyard and when they arrived, they found Michelle Young, 46, standing on the porch. Young told officers her friend lived there and admitted to setting a fire on the porch. Young told officers the items she set on fire were miscellaneous items she picked up while walking in the area.

Officers were able to view the video from the security camera and positively identified Young as the person who had started the fire. Michelle Young was arrested and during her arrest, officers discovered Young was in possession of drug paraphernalia. The fire department quickly extinguished the fire and there was minimal damage to the porch.

Young was charged with Reckless Use of Fire, a serious misdemeanor, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a simple misdemeanor.

See the full monologue from Jimmy Kimmel below.

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