Stars...they're just like us. They have to try to figure out the latest social media craze.

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One of the most highly anticipated concerts of the spring season here in the Midwest involved the leader of "No Shoes Nation" and one of the most talked about country women of the moment.

On Thursday, May 4th, Kenny Chesney brought his crew and the 'I Go Back Tour' to the Vibrant Arena at the MARK for an unforgettable show full of energy that everyone could get along at.

The six-time Grammy nominee brought fellow Knoxville native Kelsea Ballerini with him on this tour.

Read more about what they got up to during his set here.

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

Kelsea took audience members on a bit of a musical journey through her career in country music. She played songs from her latest record 'Heartfirst,' her recent viral hit EP 'Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,' and some of her biggest radio hits.

Opening up the show, Ballerini performed her upbeat song 'Heartfirst' to a roaring crowd. She moved on to her platinum record 'Hole in the Bottle' and then played her very first number one 'Love Me Like You Mean It.'

After performing 'Love Is A Cowboy' and singing Moline to the tune of 'Jolene' the singer scanned the pit. Ballerini was on a mission to get a hair tie that she'd end up wearing for the rest of her set.

"She's a singer not a model, folks!" Ballerini exclaimed as she haphazardly put up her hair.

Later on in her set, she had another relatable moment. A fan in the pit had a sign that read, "It's my birthday. Can you be in my BeReal?"

For clarification, BeReal is a new social media app that allows users to take one photo at a certain time that shows what they are actually doing. Users use both the frontwards and backwards camera to capture the photo.

The timer goes off at random times and there is a three second delay between the frontwards facing camera pic and the back one.

Kelsea definitely could have used that explanation...

She agreed to be in the fan's BeReal, so she grabbed her phone and the audience member sort of walked her through what she had to do.

"Guys, I just learned TikTok, I'm so behind!" Kelsea shouted.

Faith, the fan, kindly answered the country singer's questions about the app.

It was very clear that Ballerini still was struggling to understand what she had to do.

"I'm not even a real blonde," the star joked.

In the end, it seemed like Faith did get the birthday BeReal that she was after. Watch the whole interaction down below!

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