Whenever you visit your favorite bar or restaurant and enjoy a few adult beverages, it's possible that at some point you're going to have to go to the bathroom. Some people will try to avoid this on a night out on the town by "not breaking the seal."

Unsplash - Help Stay
Unsplash - Help Stay


Breaking the Seal is referred to as trying not to use the bathroom when you're out drinking. The theory is... by holding it for as long as you can, you won't have to go as much.

Did you know Breaking the Seal is an urban legend? According to Healthline, peeing after you've started drinking won't actually make you go anymore or any less during normal drinking hours. Supposedly it's more of a mental thing.

One thing that can really make a bar or restaurant stand out is by having a clean bathroom. Nobody wants to use a bathroom that is gross or dirty when enjoying a night out. While sometimes this can be an issue with how often the bathroom is cleaned by the staff, did you know more times than not, it's the patron's fault when a bathroom becomes gross?

It shouldn't always be up to the staff at the establishment to help grown adults throw toilet paper away, wipe off toilet seats, and clean up after themselves. I noticed this sign yesterday when I was at LP Street Food, located in Cedar Rapids, with my fiance and I think every bar/restaurant in Iowa should add this to the men's restroom.

Their bathroom was fantastic by the way and this sign might be one of the reasons why.

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For any women who might be reading this, this might not be something you directly have to deal with, being there aren't urinals in the women's bathroom. If you've worked in a bar or restaurant and had to clean the men's bathroom, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

In the men's bathroom, especially on a busy Friday or Saturday night, you can find tons of little balls/pouches of chewing tobacco...sitting right in the urinal.

As someone who has used tobacco at various points in my life, and has friends, and family members who also do, I will never understand throwing your pouches or balls of chew right in the urinal. It just sits there, it's disgusting, lazy, and starts to absolutely reek. I know bathrooms aren't the best-smelling places of all time but this doesn't help at all.

There are garbages in almost every bathroom you'll find, why can't people just spit them in there? What makes this worse is someone else is now in charge of cleaning up the tobacco you've had sitting in your mouth for however long. That's why I love this sign at LP Street Food so much.


When you throw your chewing tobacco in the urinal, the person who makes your drinks, cooks your food, or serves your food, is most likely the person who has to clean it up out of the urinal. I'm not sure about you but I'd rather not have the person who's making my Irish Car Bomb, just have had their hands in a urinal cleaning out your chew.

Will this sign stop everyone from doing this? No. But it sure is one hell of a reminder. Every bar/restaurant in Iowa should post a sign like this in (at least) the men's bathroom.

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