Depending on how you feel about what's happening with the development of the field of dreams site, or how you feel about professional league baseball games being played in Dyersville, this might come as a bummer that in 2023, there will not be a "Field of Dreams" game.

So much excitement has been built around this field and the games that have been played there last year and will be played tonight, that this news really comes off as a bummer. There were a LOT of Iowans who were not happy to learn the field will turn into more of a "sports complex" and many Iowa social media users have commented that they believe it would ruin the original ball field.

A co-worker of mine wrote a story about the day the new complex being built was announced and said it killed his field of dreams. There were tons of people that agreed this expansion project is a mistake.

The reasoning for no game next year is directly related to the expansion project that's been put into place. Former professional baseball player and one of the investors in the new Field of Dreams project, Frank Thomas, told the Des Moines Register construction will prevent baseball from being played at the site next season.

It’s a lot going on. They don’t want to come back if the stadium’s not prepared.

With the amount of construction being planned and getting ready to be put into place, it's believed the ball field just won't be ready in time next summer. With the amount of money and revenue for the state of Iowa and the town of Dyersville, I can only imagine this is a bit of a letdown. At the time of writing, there have been no future games added to being played on the field but it hasn't been ruled out for games to be played in the future.

One would only assume they'll when the project is done, more professional games will be added to the site but will it still feel the same? Gone will be this baseball field in the middle of a corn field.

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