Iowa is technically the home of multiple professional sports teams even if they aren't in one of the 4 most popular leagues.

USL Pro Iowa is a professional soccer club located in Des Moines and the Iowa Woo is an Arena League football team that will begin its inaugural season this June. Every Iowan and most sports fans are well aware that when it comes to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, Iowa doesn't have a team to call its own.

For many Iowans and sports fans, one could wonder if Iowa were to ever land a major professional sports franchise, which sport would it be? Realistically, a professional basketball team and/or professional baseball team would probably be the only potential options.

With the popularity of the Hawkeyes and Cyclones basketball teams, an NBA team might be able to survive in Des Moines, and during the dog days of summer baseball is the only sport in season, so fans may potentially be able to support an MLB franchise. One thing is clear, the only city a professional team would stand a chance is our capital city. It's the only city with a big enough population to draw enough fans night after night.

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Professional Baseball Logos

The Iowa Chill social media team asked AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create potential team names and logos for a professional baseball team based in Iowa. In my opinion...most of these are actually pretty good. Most of the team names are a good representation of Iowa and all of the logos look awesome. I'm not sure how people would feel about the Sioux City Hillbillies as a team name but the logo still looks cool.

Which names/logos would you pick as your favorites for a potential pro-MLB team base in Iowa? I love the Des Moines Tornadoes logo and the team name sounds cool, the Des Moines Thunder could work, and I love the Iowa Hogs logo. The red and white hogs look bada**. The name might not be great but there are more hogs in Iowa than there are people, so it would surely fit for an Iowa team.

Let us know in the comments which team name/logo you like the best or come up with your own. If Iowa ever received a professional baseball team, what would you want the team name to be?

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