Greyhounds, Border Collies, Doberman Pinschers, Vizslas, Dalmatians, and Great Danes are some of the fastest dogs in the world, according to Highland K9.

All these dogs reach up to at least 30 mph while sprinting and a few can reach up to 40+. Over this past weekend, there was a different and special race held in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

While these dogs can't quite reach up to the speeds of some of the fastest dogs in the world, you can't deny the determination of these little dogs to move their legs as fast as they can go.

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From the looks of it...if someone's dog would've just run in a straight line, it could've been anyone's game. This is probably the cutest video you'll see on the internet all day!

Short Legs, Big Hearts!

According to WTAE, the Corgi races were back at the River's Edge Park on Saturday (May 11). While these little guys/girls might have short legs, they still scoot along pretty quickly.

The Omaha Corgi Crew held their 4th annual corgi racing event that featured young corgis, old corgis, and mixed corgis. Vendors, local rescues, and food trucks were also on hand to help support all of the Corgi dogs involved.

While we did celebrate the mothers of humans this past Sunday, Saturday was also a day to celebrate dog moms!

What makes this event fun and special, other than the cute corgis on hand, is that the grand champion is allowed to pick the rescue of their choice to receive all of the proceeds.

The entry fees, the vendor registrations, and the OCC merch sold at the races all benefit a local rescue. Even tho there is one rescue that benefits from this event, most of the owners and dogs who enter the races are there to have a good time.

Rebecca and Ray Oltman were on hand at the event and they told WTAE that corgis are nuts. Their puppy also might've taken a wrong turn at some point during the race...

"Corgis are nuts. Normally he's very agile. He runs like a linebacker. He ducks in and out so I thought he'd be great for this. But he got lost. He didn't understand what the goal was."

The Omaha Corgi Crew has held these races for 13 years as the races began in 2011 and the crew consists of more than 3,000 members.

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