There is nothing quite like the magic of a drive-in theater.

When COVID-19 hit, my friends and family would go check out our local one all the time!

We'd stock up on candy and food at the local gas station and then pile into the car to go check out the movie. It was fun, relaxing, and you could hypothetically talk as loud as you wanted in the car without getting shushed too much.

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Years ago, this novelty could be found EVERYWHERE! It was the go-to first date for many couples.

However, now the number of drive-ins is dwindling.

According to reports, there are 325 drive-in movie theaters in America.

Summer is the perfect time to check out a drive-in flick and there's a few you can go to in Iowa!

Iowa Drive-In Theaters

Blue Grass Drive-In Theater
774 W Mayne Street Blue Grass, Iowa

This location is open every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the season.

Blue Grass Drive-In has four projectors at its facility.

61 Drive-In
1228 U.S Hwy 61 Delmar, Iowa

The 61 Drive-In is a single screen drive-in that offers double feature showings. It is located five miles south of Maquoketa. Adults (anyone thirteen and up) can get in for $7 each, and it only costs $4 for kids to see the shows!

Valle Drive-In Theater
4074 Highway F48 Newton, Iowa

Gates at the Valle Drive-In open up at 6:30 PM and the show begins at dusk. Also, the drive-in offers "first run movies" at the same time that they are on in indoor theaters.

Superior 71 Drive-In Theater
1482 300th Ave Spirit Lake, Iowa

This drive-in also offers "first run" movies as well! However, Superior 71 has gotten rid of their double features and replaced it with some retro cartoons.

According to their website, this was done because, "not enough people want to stay and watch the second feature if it’s streaming on TV."

Will you be dropping by a drive-in theater sometime during the summer?

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